Tips for faceslapping women


– Find her tolerance limit: First hit her softly and then gradually increase the force of each slap if you see she can take it.
– Always make her close her mouth before the slap to avoid her teeth cutting inside her mouth during the slap.
– Always hit her in the jaw. Never close to the ear (audition loss hazard), nose (bleeding nose harzard) or eyes. Any hit above the cheekbone (around the eye) will give her a black eye.
– If you wanna slap her hard in one cheek, then is useful to support her other cheek with your other hand. This is done to avoid a strong “whiplash effect” on her head.
-Avoid slapping her as a punishment/discipline. She has a fatty butt and some sensitive thighs that can be used for that purpose. Those are much safer to hit than her face. Use them.
– Never slap her with anger.

A good slap puts a naughty girl immediately in her place. It makes her shut up immediately so it’s really effective against a back-talking girl. Normally it brings instant tears of submission. But it can be a severe tool, so it must be used with care.

Remember: Women are delicate beings and they are easy to break. Better play with your toys without breaking them… so you can keep on playing!




Awesome advice but I’m going to gently push back on the reminder at the end.  Sure, the average woman isn’t as big as the average man, or stronger.  But you want to be careful about that whole gendered “delicate being” thing.  If a woman Dom slaps her male Sub above the cheekbone he’s likely to get a black eye too.  Same with near the ear.  Same with near the eyes or nose.

Don’t let gender or D/S stereotypes get in the way of not doing fucked up shit to anybody!

There’a a right way for any top to play with any bottom.  Do that.  If you’re not in control, or if you don’t yet know what you’re doing, don’t do it!