Threatening, maybe. Actually doing it? Seems unlikely. From the article:

“To report someone through the whistleblower program, you need a lot of their personal information: Physical address, full legal name, date of birth (or approximate age), and taxpayer identification number, according to the IRS’s page about the program.

You also have to have to have specific information about the type of fraud being alleged as well as how much money the person being reported has earned; it’s clear from the forms and information about the program that this is generally intended for people within companies to whistleblow about tax evasion that they have very specific knowledge of tax evasion and documents that prove it.

You also have to physically mail all of this information to the IRS, because it does not accept any of this information by phone or email; one of the whistleblower programs specifically states that anyone submitting information does so under the threat of perjury.”

That’s all… pretty specific and highly detailed. And in writing, not skulking, passive-aggressive basement troll texts or tweets.

The article links to various sex industry support sites and experts.

I’m not saying there’s nothing to worry about. But there might not be much to any of this beyond petty asshole noisemaking.