So I wanted to make a list of tricks a pet can learn and I came up with a few ideas. These aren’t all the tricks one can learn nor are these the set definitions or postures for each, they are just what I could think of to describe. I tried to mix both normal tricks as well as more feral tricks for more wild pets. I feel like this has a good range of things that can be learned as well as some that could be made into games once the trick is learned. I would love to know if people have more ideas for me to add to this list as well! Hope these help someone!

Sneak – Crouch and crawl up to something or past
something without it noticing

Crawl – Lay on belly and crawl, goes well with crawling
under a gate or rope

Seek/Search – A toy is hidden and must find it, can use
scents to help find object

Follow – When command given pet must follow behind Dom

Heel – Sit, Stand, Kneel, or Follow next to Dom, no
pulling on leash or falling behind

Come – When command given pet goes to Dom

Sit – Put butt down on ground as you kneel with paws
between knees, chest up and out and head up

Sit-Pretty – Go from “sit” position to lifting paws up to
chest and holding, added points for panting beg

Lay – Lay on tummy or side, full body down against the
ground, head can be up or on paws

Kneel – Shins on ground with thighs against them, feet
pressed back against floor with butt on top, hands on knees, chest out and up
and head up

Stay – When command is given pet must stay in spot till
Dom says otherwise

Protect/Guard – pet must protect/guard spot or object Dom
commands, pet has an upright position, arms and legs showing strength and chest
out, head scanning for danger, small patrol circles

Paw – When command is given pet must put a paw in Dom’s
hand or lift paw up

Spin – pet must spin in a circle, much like chasing ones

Roll-Over – pet must roll onto back with legs and arms up
in air

Hunt – much like “seek/search” but with something live,
hunt must chase other pet or Dom and catch them to win, fun for predator and
pray pets

Fetch – Dom throws an object and pet must go get object
and bring it back

Speak – pet must make sounds like barks, mews, howls, or
whatever else pet sounds like

Present – pet must lower chest against floor and leave
butt in the air, spread legs and leave self-exposed

Bare – pet is in the “roll-over” position but spreads
legs to expose self

Beg – can be done 2 ways, pet can be in the “sit-pretty”
position and pant and whine or pet can be in the “present” position and whine
and pant, some Dom’s might want pet to say what they want done

Call – pet howls or makes loud noise, often a way to alert

Play-Dead – pet rolls onto back or lays on side and
pretends to be dead, can be dramatic if pet wants

Balance – Dom puts an object on top of pet’s head or nose
and pet must balance it till Dom says

Wait – Dom can put favorite treat or toy down in front of
pet after a said command, pet must hold position till Dom releases them to get
the toy or treat

Want to come play with me, puppy?