Tumblr Ads

The amount of ads you now have to scroll through is ridiculous, and slowing down the app and locking it up actually.

Not gonna lie, the ads are getting a bit thick.  Especially on the app. 

But know what?  It’s what pays the bills.  The bills keep the servers running..  Yahoo could afford to let Tumblr lose money because compared to what the whole company was losing Tumblr losses were a rounding error.  And… now Yahoo isn’t a thing anymore.

So.  Would I pay for ad-free access to Tumblr?  Sure!  Though as a member of the kink-o-sphere it would be a little embarrassing to have my account associated with my bank records. 

I dunno. When I see ads I pull up my big boy pants, flex my mighty thumb muscles, and… scroll an extra couple of times. 

The alternative would almost certainly be no Tumblr at all, so…