Tumblr Adult Blog Etiquette 101: Seven Commandments


1. Thou Shalt Not Show The Dick:

No unrequested dick pics towards the women of Tumblr, unless you have clear indication from being on their blog that it is invited. Ask yourself, when has anything good ever really happened to you by showing someone your dick who wasn’t expecting it? Also, no using your dick as your icon. This also takes one’s ability to NOT see your dick out of their control, and is equally impolite. If you are determined to share your penis with the masses, try taking some interesting shots. Give it a featuring role, but spare us the closeup. Remember, people are going to make an impression of you through what you show them here, so do it tastefully, or be dubbed that which you are attempting to share with the world… a dick.

2. Thou Shalt Treat Submissives With Respect:

This is the cause of much drama and undue strife on the pages of Tumblr. As a Dominant, I have earned partners’’ submission, and the right to request nudes from them, call them a princess, fucktoy, or slut, inflict my sexual fantasies on them, probe their thoughts on any number of private or taboo subjects, or request that they goes the day without panties. Here’s what you have the right to ask of them: NOTHING. She is not your submissive! She belongs to me. If she did not belong to me, and here’s the thing that most males don’t understand, you still have no right to request anything from her! She is not your submissive! She belongs to no one, but herself, and is due all basic human respect, as well as respect that is due to women, as well as the respect that is due to a submissive within the BDSM community, assuming you hope to be a part of it. 

3. Thou Shalt Treat Dominants With Respect:

If you are mindful of number two, this bit of etiquette will take care of itself. This breach generally happens when a follower unknowingly treats a Dominant’s submissive with a lack of respect, and earns their ire. If another Dominant or Dom-Player requests nudes from a submissive in my care, calls her a princess, fucktoy, or slut, inflicts their sexual fantasies on her, probes her thoughts on any number of private or taboo subjects, or requests she sends them her panties, you can see how I might get quite upset, and seek justice for my little girl.

4. Thou Shalt Not Call Submissives By Pet Names Until They Have Given You Permission:

This also goes hand in hand with number two, but bears a separate commandment all its own. Names like Daddy, Mommy, Prince, Princess, little girl, and little boy are names that are generally earned within the community. Opening with these titles is bad form. I tend to call subs respectful titles like little Miss or little sir, and fellow Doms things like good Sir, or good Ma’am. Leading with respect, and earning familiarity, are not unique to the realm of BDSM. 

5. Thou Shalt Respect Original Content:

When you are reblogging someone’s original content, it is impolite to alter it in any way. This means you should not repost it as something you created yourself. You should not remove the caption that they put there themselves. You should not put your own caption beneath it. You should not tag it with a tag you are using to lead people back to your own blog. You should not do anything that alters it from the way it was originally posted, period! I don’t care if you run a blog that has no captions. I don’t care if it’s just the perfect post to compose some incest dialogue beneath. I don’t care if you think it would look better in black and white than color. It’s not yours. Don’t alter it. 

6. Thou Shalt Not Disrespect Another’s Blog:

Let’s say you love 98% of what someone is doing on their blog, but there are these one or two things you wish they would do to make it perfect. So you send them a message, and express your criticisms, and are puzzled when you get an angry retort. What you’re failing to realize, is that blogging is an incredibly personal experience. People put their thoughts, images, hopes, and dreams in their blogs. They don’t want to hear what you think they should do with it. It would like them telling you what they think you should do about that problem with your boyfriend, when they don’t even know you, or what’s going on with your relationship. You want to create the perfect blog according to you? Get your own blog! You can’t live with the flaws you see on theirs? Wave goodbye, and unfollow. 

7. Thou Shalt Respect Other’s Kinks:

The wide world of BDSM is full of so very many kinks, and not all of them are going to resonate with you. Resist the urge to express which ones you don’t like to the people that they do resonate with. This is commonly referred to as kink shaming in the community. If you just don’t get incest play or ABDL, that’s ok, no one is saying you have to. Navigate away from pages that contain them. Perhaps you see a relationship blog where you feel the level of sadism or masochism feels like abuse to you, but the couple is playing by all the rules. What should you say? Say nothing. If it’s consensual, it’s your choice to view it, or navigate away, and leave it behind. 

Please enjoy your Tumbling, and interact with those in the community with respect. I hope this post will help those who are new, to not walk face first into an embarrassing encounter with a blogger, and have to learn the hard way. 


Nobody is perfect. Least of all me. I’ve broken most of these rules (there are pictures of my dick in my About Me tag, I call everybody silly pet names, I pick on out of control Doms and the occasional over the top Sub. I don’t know if I’ve disrespected a whole blog but I’ve disrespected the dickens out of stunt fucking, poor information, and disrespectful individual posts.

Point being I can’t throw stones. Though I’ve probably done that too. ????

I’d add an eighth commandment, another one I too often break…

8. Respect yourself. 

You’re the only one you’ve got. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you doesn’t work if you treat yourself like you’re unattractive, stupid, boring, or otherwise unattractive.