Uh so this is my first time knowing this from your post actually.. so can you please further explain what asexuality is? How many sexualities are there? I thought it goes as far as heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual. I feel out of the loop here ????

This is a very broad answer, but…

Rather than being attracted to people of the opposite sex, the same sex, or both sexes, asexuals aren’t attracted to any sex.

Like hetero-, homo-, and bi- sexuality, asexuality is a very general category.

A good analogy for any of those broad categories would be as useful as if someone said “Oh, you’re from the Americas!” In reality there might be very big differences in someone from Newfinland vs Paraguay.  

Just as there are many ways to be asexual as there are ways to be straight, gay, or bi.  A small number really does have zero biological or emotional interest in sex at all.  For instance some may have a libido but no attraction to other people (so asexual people can get aroused, have orgasms, etc.)  And others have romantic attractions but no libido.  Some asexuals accept having sex if their partners want to, even though they’re not interested.  Others think the whole thing idea is disgusting.  And so on.  Heck, there are even kinky and non-kinky asexuals!

There are plenty of other ways to be asexual too – but the point is that it’s a legitimate “sexuality” even if, to paraphrase the quip, asexuality is a sexuality in the same way that not collecting stamps is a hobby.

I can’t claim to understand all the different ways of being asexual.  But then I don’t understand all the different ways to be heterosexual, even though I am one.

One last thing: Like all the other sexualities asexuality isn’t well understood, asexuals face sometimes intense discrimination, and while they’ve existed since the dawn of humanity but they’re only starting to come out and to ask for understanding.