We had tried the blindfold a few times. Sometimes for a rough fuck, sometimes he just liked to play with me. Today was a play day. 

He was between my spread legs and I lay there, patiently. I knew I had to guess what he was touching me with. A wrong answer was a spank. Two in a row was a bite. 

“What’s this, baby?” he said, grazing my pussy so lightly.

“Your finger,” I responded immediately.

“Yes, but which one?” More light touches. I squirmed.

“Um…..” I tried to feel it. He read my hesitation and worked it inside me.

“Oh! It’s your forefinger! That’s your biggest one….on your hand, I mean.” I was smug. He laughed.

“And this…?” “Ohhhhhhh….your tongue….mmm….feels so good, too.”

“And what’s this?” Something light but smooth. I struggled. It wasn’t a feather. Wasn’t a ribbon.

“Baby, what is it?” he insisted. I bit my lip.

“Well, if I could see I could tell you what it is!” I blurted out without thinking. O dear…..I probably was going to get a spank and a bite.

He broke out in uncontrollable laughter which made me laugh, too. He came up and started nuzzling my neck, kissing and licking while I giggled and reached out for him. We rolled around just like that for awhile, full of whispers and touches. 

We always have the best time together.

MMMM!!!! Blindfolds and play days!