Ways to melt my heart


Puppy: *grins* you are so intriguing my miss

Me: why is that?

Puppy: Just cause you aren’t what I thought a domme would be like….you are warm and loving and gentle as well as a bit sadistic and a lot confident…you genuinely care about me and what I think and feel and need

Me: then what did u think a domme was like? lol

Puppy: I just never expected a domme to be like you. I expected cold uncaring dominatrix. Not you… I just meant I thought that is how dommes were in general

Me: Dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

This.  Again!  This is what most of the D/S couples I know are like.

Clue: Most male Doms don’t wear black leather chaps and have dungeons with hardpoints in the ceilings and walls, and refer to you as “it” and themselves as “Master.”  Some do, maybe, but, yeah, most… don’t.  You’re probably thinking of “leather daddies.”  Or maybe newbie/wannabe “doms” on Fetlife.

Same with women Doms.  They don’t wear knee-high stiletto-heel boots and latex suits, they don’t have whips and permanent scornful sneers.  And they don’t hate men. You’re probably thinking about “dominatrix” sex workers who may only hate the men who employ them, a.k.a. their bosses.  Or maybe Halloween and event-weekend sex-clubbers.

Nothing wrong with chaps, or latex suits, or sex work!  Just don’t confuse stereotypes of D/S with actual D/S.