Not all Doms wear leather,
Or carry crops and whips.
Not all Doms wear a suit and tie,
Or pressed and ironed shirts.

Some of them are playful,
Some have “manly” strength and pride.
Others still prefer the silence,
And some of them are shy.

Who says all Doms should be tough or stern?
Who said these things, and why?
Our Dominants, dear submissives, are human too…
So who says they cannot cry?

Not all Doms must be forceful,
And some instead may prefer to care
With a loving touch and a gentle word
To let you know,
“I’m here.”

So please, my fellow ladies (and some gentlemen, it’s true!)
Who cares if they’re not “the perfect Dom”?
They’re the perfect one for you.

Really been enjoying @weebonniebarista’s insights and reposts. Like this one.