Welcome 2 tumblr where pplz opening lines 2 me are “can I fist ur butthole” followed by “why don’t you reply”

I’ll often say that pornographers are the biggest prudes. Mostly because they so often equate sex with “nastiness” or transgression.

Going to go a little further and say shit like “can I fist ur butthole” as a greeting suggests that most porn consumers are similarly… conflicted about sex.

Because, seriously, nobody ever says “wow, you have a nice car, will you let me take it?” And then say “why don’t you reply?”

But we’ll do that shit if it’s about sex.

We never hear anyone ask, obsessively, “wow, you drive a lot, have you ever driven to Milwaukee?”

But we’ll do that shit if it’s about sex.

If the first words out of your mouth are “can I fist ur butthole” you have a problem that goes beyond boundary issues.

Clue: they don’t reply for the same reason they wouldn’t reply if you said “we’ve never met but can I have your lunch?”

Till we get there’s no difference between those questions we’re still gonna be a seriously sex-negative society.