why dont we ever talk about how movies condition girls to associate glasses and curly hair with ugliness because that is so fucking damaging to young girls who grow up seeing girls who look like them always be the “before” of every makeover

read this post. read it again. read it two more times. read it aloud. i want this to be ingrained into peoples’ minds

With all due respect to Dorothy Parker she got the punctuation wrong on her famous quip about girls who wear glasses.  Rather than snark it was actually a desperate plea by non-glasses wearing women:

Boys!  Don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses!

Mmm, girls who wear glasses!

Also WTF is wrong with curly hair?  Or straight hair?  Maybe it’s just because I’m an older, experienced man but… seems like every few years there’s a big slosh back and forth between all the fashion cover models having long straight hair and then a year or so later it’s all about big curly hair.  (And lately didn’t I see that a ton of celebrity women including Kristen Stewart have been going for the buzz-cut look? I think I did!  So, yeah, you have my permission to use a stick to poke anyone who gives you shit about how your hair grows.  Or doesn’t.)