What are ways to be cg/l without doing age regression?


Age regression is a small part of the CG/l spectrum. Followers who do CG/l, chime in with your thoughts and experiences!

So back in the old days a lot of people imagined that to be gay meant lisping and carrying a purse (if you were a gay man) or being large and wearing white business shirts and neckties (if you were a gay woman.)  There really were, and are, gay people like that.  But now that it’s no longer aggressively dangerous to be gay it turns out there are far, far more gay people who are indistinguishable from the general population.

Same’s true for age regression.  People who regress, use baby talk, or dress in children-style clothes are the most visible form of Cg/L.  And sure, that’s one totally valid way to be Little.  But only one.  At the other end of the spectrum, though, there are an extraordinary number of people who just like to call their sweethearts “Daddy” or “Mommy” or “Baby.”

If one end seems like too much, and the other end seems like not enough, great!  There’s tons of room in the middle.

Some of the distinctions

  • Sexual vs. nonsexual
  • Regression vs non-regression
  • Diapers (and other gear) vs non-diapers
  • Simple fetish for baby/kid/teen/college things vs BDSM-style power exchange submission
  • Soft Daddy / Mean Daddy
  • Little / Middle / Grownup
  • Lifestyle vs age play
  • Full time vs “Little space” as a variation on subspace
  • "Silly baby” vs Cam Jansen /Encyclopedia Brown young genius
  • Naive innocent who needs a teacher vs sexually precocious brat who needs to be kept “under control.”
  • Comfort zone vs turnon
  • Mentor vs Master
  • Spanking vs non-spanking

These can all be mixed and matched.  There’s no “right” way to do it.  And therefore no wrong way either.

Being a Little is something you can just want to be (Peter Pan, Princess Vanellope, Hannah Montana, KPop boy or girl bands.)  That might be a place you regress to.  Or it could just be forms of interacting with an adult partner that that just seems more fulfilling… or particularly naughty.

Being a Little can involve regressed diapers and bottles or precocious “tingly princess parts,” sure.  But you might prefer naughty high school senior, college hottie, or “come back home to Daddy” working professional.  

The point being that almost everybody had a caregiver at one point in their lives.  And those caregivers don’t just disappear when you turn 8 or 18 (or 28, 38, 48…)  And if you just feel nostalgic about the kind of affection and/or discipline and/or support you got… or wish you got… from a parental/authority or even an idealized Mr. Rogers (nicest possible non-Dom caregiver ever) or Captain Von Trapp (strict, all-ages Dom) figure?  Well, why would you have to regress to a particular age to want or enjoy that?  Why would you need to be a particular age?

Update: While a post I ran across seemed a little too creepy to link to, the author did make the interesting distinction that Cg/L (a leader/follower dynamic) is a kink and regression is a fetish (being turned on by particular clothes, foods, objects.)

What do you think?