what do you mean u don’t believe in the concept of virginity?


Nobody’s dick is important enough to change any part of my identity

Let’s recap: nobody’s dick can change any part of someone else’s identity.

Riding a dick can’t “make you a woman.”  Using your dick won’t “make you a man.”  Jesus!  It’s like those people who say “you’ve never lived till you’ve seen Paris.”  Yeah, you have.  

Paris is great.  Dick is great.  Pussy is great.  It’s all great.

But the mere fact of experiencing doesn’t change anything.

Also, virginity.  Ahahahah!  

First times are important, exciting, solemn, all that.  It would be kind of a dick move to disregard it.  

But it’s not because there’s a thing called virginity that you can lose.

People are verbs, not nouns.