What do you think about being in a relationship and wanting to expand and try involving a second female sexually? I’ve always wanted to just express my love and desire towards two women. Just starting with simple things like kissing and licking. Like how would it feel as a man to have both my nipples kissed and sucked while having my lover and a friend caressing my cock with their hands. Thoughts?


I have yet to meet a man who didn’t fantasize about having 2 women all over him. I know plenty of people who have experienced it, so for it.

My two bits?  

  • If you refer to prospective partners as “females” or “males” then maybe you’re not in a particularly good space.  They’re people.  Usually we call people “women” and “men.”  This isn’t really a grammar police thing, but this is one of those cases where I make an exception: “male” and “female” are adjectives, not nouns.  It’s an exception for me because human beings are nouns.  (Probably even more accurate to say human beings are verbs! But let’s not get too philosophical!)
  • Having sex with two partners is nice enough.  But most of the people I know who’ve done it have said some variation on the old line “He who climbs Mt Fuji once is enlightened, he who climbs it twice is foolish.”  Flag: “always wanted to express my love and desire towards two women” works a lot better when there are two specific women I actually love and don’t just desire.  Helps if they love and desire each other, or at least tolerate each other.