What I want to create for others too…

Ok, so here’s an example of what I was trying to say, here and here, about the sort of space I want to create for a partner as a Daddy.

So I have a lot of standing meetings for my business.  One of the weekly ones starts at 6:30 sharp every Tuesday morning.

We had an unusual amount of snow today for the Pacific Northwest lowlands.  Usually it melts the same day but today it stuck around long enough for schools to have a late opening tomorrow.

The only time my 6:30 meeting is cancelled?  If schools are cancelled or open late for snow.

So when I saw the announcement in my newsfeed I have to admit I felt like a little kid getting a snow day.  Just bounced around my kitchen like a kid, happy and wishing I had someone to hug.  And stay up really, really late with.

Thing is I’m not a kid.  But I haven’t lost that little-kid wonder and excitement for something as silly, magical, and elusive as a snow day.  

Never mind that as an actual adult I can just plain-old miss the meeting every now and then.

So here’s how it relates to the space I want to create for a Little adult: you know how I could miss a meeting because I’m a grownup?  Thing is I never do!I Because I’m a grownup I do what’s responsible, and right, and fair, and…

And a snow day though!  For a snow day I can experience that little kid feeling and let go of all that.  For a little while.  Let it not be my call.  Let myself relax this evening and just fall into it.

That’s how day-to-day life occurs for a ton of adult women I know or have been in relationships with too.  As responsible adults duty calls us, so no matter how much they could let go they won’t.  No more than I can.  Or at least too-often don’t.  No more than I can.

So whether it’s my chest offered to fall asleep on, or my back offered for ecstatic heel bouncing and fingers clawing, or my hand or belt offered for a cathartic spanking I want to be able to create for someone else that snow-day feeling of just letting go for a little while.