What is a Sensual Dom? How does one differ from just a Dom, Daddy Dom, or master? Thank you.


Sensual Dom/Sensual Sub is part of the D/s “spectrum,” a realm where pain and over the top “kink” has no place, replaced with exquisitely artful sensuality. As I’ve often said, kinky BDSM is just how some (not all) D/s people have sex. Sensual Domination/Sensual submission has a very different focus.

Here’s a good writeup on sensual domination/submission:


I don’t agree with several conditions in that Kinkly definition.  For instance, I don’t think switching is necessary.  I agree that limit-testing pain isn’t part of it, I don’t agree it has to be limited to near-vanilla-style activities like spanking.  And finally I agree that testing abilities to endure pain might be out, it’s awesome to pick apart and test a partner’s ability to endure arousal, tension, control, and… eventually… release.

If I was going to call myself a Dom (I’m not) I’d be way more likely to call myself a Sensual Dom.  

Lovely concept, that one.