What would you do if one of the girls got a job making more money than you?



I’ve give her a high-five and tell her I was proud as hell of her, make us a round of celebratory cocktails, and then let her buy us dinner when she got her first big fat paycheck.

I’m not sure why you would even have to wonder this, anon :)


every once in a while i remember that there are men out there who are so insecure and/or sexist that they would actually have a problem with this.

Not going to dwell too long on the fucked up transactional model of heterosexuality, but, yeah, there are so many men who honestly believe a woman will only love them, care for them, be attracted to them, want to fuck them silly if they’re more accomplished than she is.

They’re honestly terrified that if a woman makes the same or more than they do… or if they can kick their asses in chess or video games or in a lab or on a trading floor then they’ll literally never get laid again.

When really, yeah, you gotta be able to bathe yourself, hold a conversation, and not be a total deadbeat, but that whole “If the women can’t find you handsome they should at least find you handy” business is way more about how men compete with each other than how women tend to assess them.

Women, (just like, gasp!, men) are more interested in having partners, not providers.  Clue: real partners don’t provide, they contribute.  Big difference, guys.