What would you do if you had a real penis?




This is kind of a shit-post answer, but TBH, I’ve always wanted to do a helicopter. Ya know, swing my non-erect penis around like a silly idiot, just cause I can!

If you unfollow me now, I’ll understand, LOL.

It’s ok. It was kind of a shitpost question. Hilarious answer! Sort of like if I was a woman the first thing I’d do is thry that center-of-gravity trick while leaning against the wall or try and see if I could still pee standing up.

Center-of-gravity trick?

The one where women can pick up a chair next to a wall but men can’t. ????

I mean, sure, I’d do all the other obvious things too. But that’s why “what would you do if you had a ‘real penis’” questions are so dumb. You’d do obvious things like pee and have sex with it!

An even better answer would be “make dick pics and sent them to everyone who sends me one.” ????