When edging or just not allowed to cum how am I supposed to stop? My D always says not to cum but won’t slow down or let up when I say I’m close. I don’t really know what I can do to obey better.


Your D type has watched too much stupid porn.  When you are truly, genuinely close, they need to back off, have you breathe and cool down a bit .. and then start in on you again. Fucking amateur.

If a “Dom” blew pepper up someone’s nose and ordered them not to sneeze we’d laugh and point because sneezing is an unavoidable reflex to certain stimulation.

Perhaps because of stereotypes about women’s “elusive” orgasms, maybe it’s easier to forget that past a certain state of arousal and stimulation orgasms are also unavoidable reflexes.  

But I agree that the right response if a Dom isn’t able to control how much he stimulates his partner is to (diplomatically, of course) laugh and point at him too.