Where do they make men like you? I only ever meet boys or old creepy perverts -and not the good kind of perverts either-. Am I supposed to look somewhere specific because I’m starting to lose hope for real. And please don’t tell me to let it be and my magical someone will come by himself to me, because I don’t believe in being lazy. I believe in going out there and taking/doing what I need.

Look for the good in people. Learn to accept that everybody deserves good relationships. Including yourself.

Then look for someone who can learn from their mistakes. And learn to learn from your own.


And for the record if I seem too good to be true it’s cause I am.
1) I have lots of practice learning from my mistakes because I make a LOT of mistakes.
2) the only perfect person is one you don’t know very well. (Someone once said ”damn, son, your girlfriend could trade you for a vibrator and an encyclopedia.” It wasn’t a complement.)