Why are so many of you so…. forceful?

Sit down a moment. Take a breath. This is a game best played with patience and tact. Meditate on your circumstance.

You have the girl. Spin her. Work your magic. Make her float. She is putty in your fingers. Sculpt her. Create your masterpiece.

You see; it is trust, not fear, that makes this dance. Aggression does not make the dominant. Self control, modesty, and grace makes the dominant.

Let her walk to you with keen anticipation, place the shackles around her own wrists, and hand you the chain.

“Aggression does not make the dominant.“


Doesn’t mean aggression isn’t interesting, desirable, exciting, deliciously scary, welcome, longed for…

Aggression just doesn’t make the dominant.

One can be highly dominant without ever raising ones voice.  And of course too many aggressive people are merely annoying as hell.