Why are you against giving teens advice on sex? I’m pretty sure you would of lost your virginity under the age of 18



I’m not. I would gladly educate a whole school of teens in the proper context. This blog is not for people under 18. They should not be here and if I see anyone underage, I block and report. Period. I have zero tolerance for minors being on this blog. This blog is for adults. It’s the law and Tumblr’s policy. It is also my policy.


There are awesome places for teens to find advice on sex.  The problem with over-18 resources (including my blog!!!) is that we

  • Don’t prioritize the truly pragmatic things you have to know before you start having sex, such as “have a plan, and money saved, in case of an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy and/or major STI.”
  • Tend to emphasize what very experienced people do with each other – the equivalent of jumping 90 feet on a motorcycle when what beginners need to know first is how to shift the gears.
  • Tend to totally neglect before- and aftercare, dating, negotiating before and communicating after, dealing with hurt feelings, dealing with missed expectations, dealing with simple logistics, dealing with any kind of safety at all.  (Often very-well-written pontificating notwithstanding.)  
  • Almost never, ever, ever emphasize the importance of starting out slow and learning as you go.  Can’t say how many beginners insist they want their first time to include intense bondage, and being whipped by or whipping their partners, deep throating, blah, blah, blah, etc.,  All with multiple squirting orgasms of course.

In other words saying young people can learn sex from adult blogs is as irresponsible as saying they can about cooking by watching Iron Chef or saving up for a bike from Jim Cramer.  Just… no.  (Case in point: any decent sex educator is going to be pretty clear that people don’t “lose” their virginity!  And they’ll clearly explain why.  Most adults, including the original Anon, flunks that test.)