Why do some girls touch them self while geting fuck? I hate it and i made a rule to my sub not to do it and even when she does sometimes it makes me feel like I’m not doing a good job and ends with a hard fuck and a punishment later.


Because 75% of women do not orgasm from intercourse alone; clitoral stimulation is required. Which you obviously aren’t providing. So you’re right to feel like “I’m not doing a good job.” Because you’re not.

Sweet mother of pearl!  WTF?!?!?

Someone with zero comprehension of women’s sexual responsiveness is probably extraordinarily familiar with porn.  So…

Question: In basically 99% of all porn why do the men who aren’t able to come from intercourse wank off all over their colleague’s body or face?

Answer, as @instructor144 puts it, bluntly: they’re usually unable to come from intercourse (or fellatio) alone.

Same thing with women not in porn!

Hint: women in porn are acting!

Another hint: studies show that quite a few of the 15% of women who say they come from PIV intercourse are… still stimulating their clits on their partners’ pubic bones so…

Fuck anybody who won’t let their partners touch themselves.

Well.  Technically, it’s ok to forbid touching if you’re legit into consensual orgasm denial.

But from the context it’s fucking obvious he just never passed Women’s Sexuality 101!

And Jesus Christ! “Why do some girls touch them self while geting fuck? I hate it.”

Chances are they hate that you’re a really shitty lover too.  Who ought to win that little tradeoff?

The good news is they can still get themselves off the minute the door closes behind him on his way out.  The bad news is he’s still a clueless, incurious asshole.

Jesus!  I swear, this might be as bad as the guys out there who get bent out of shape because, also unlike in 99% of porn, their partners’ pussies get (eww gross, right?) wet.