Why does self doubt play such a strong role in some BDSM relationships? For example being a little I am constantly measuring myself against GIFs and Tumblr posts. I have a wonderful daddy who is quick to straighten my thoughts but my mind wanders and I can’t be the only one that feels this way. I’m sure Daddy’s have self doubts too but they seem to hold it together so much better. Signed a little in a messy headspace who’s just wanting to be the best damn little for her Daddy Dom.


You already are being the best little for your Daddy. All that crap you see on your dash is ridiculous wank-fodder staged with professional models. It. Is. Not. REAL.

Try on the idea that comparison is the source of all suffering.

Try on the idea that the only perfect person, or couple, or family, or job, is the one you don’t know well enough.

Try them on knowing they’re opinions, not “the truth.”  Not “true” perhaps, but no more false than the opinions behind your self-doubt are “the truth.”

Ask now which ideas are more true but which are more workable.