Why I like a dumb or empty headed girl.






I often get asked this question, so I thought I might just answer it here openly.

I will start off by saying, most women are NOT as smart as they think they are.  They grow up
being told repeatedly how special and capable they are that they start
to believe the hype.

Frankly, your witty banter and attempt to address economic and
political issues are not impressive to me.  I can get that conversation with friends and coworkers.

The differential that you bring to the table for the average man is being feminine and sexual. By being this way you are a natural stress relief.

Focus on that.

Trying to make this a daily focus of mine. The less stressed I am, the better I can be for everyone else.

Think less. Be happy more.

Haven’t given myself this reminder for a while, so I’ll share. ????

It’s good for you to remember what your daddy teaches you.

:) I try to at least keep this one in mind. Hehe ????

Wonder if the little troll up top realizes, let alone appreciates, just how hard it is for a live woman, a fully-functioned, whole, perfect, and complete human being with 43 chromosomes, to keep up the facade.

Women tried it in the 1950s.  And because they were brilliant, passionate, and driven they kind of sort of succeeded.  The results would have been amusing if they hadn’t been so catastrophic – basically a whole generation lost to alcohol, barbiturates, consumerism, and the kind of alienation that made Mad Men look like a situation comedy.  The consequences – the 1960s and 1970s upheavals where their Boomer children wanted exactly nothing to do with their parent’s literally perverted and warped lifestyle – were eventually liberating to the point that some people can look back with nostalgia. And incorporate it into their sexual fetishes… but it’s no more real, and would be just as real a living hell, than sexualized fetishes around the Victorian era, actual dungeons, actual domestic violence, actual Daddies and actual (eww, Jesus!) children, actual 50s Stepford wives!

Being old enough to be your father means being old enough to remember when 50′s culture (which lasted largely by force of will into the early 1970s in my home town, until the last dads who hadn’t died of heart attacks divorced the last June Cleaver stay-at-home moms for younger women) was just… you know… a total shit show.