Why I Love Being A Caregiver


1. Little cuddles are the best cuddles: When Littles do that thing where you’re spooning and they take your arm and pull it close to their chest? Yeah, that’s kryptonite for Bigs. I have a hard time sleeping when we’re not together for this very reason.

2. I need to be needed: I love the fact that I am one of the few things in the world that can make my Little’s day better. Taking charge and taking care of her is not only something that I do for her, but something that I do for me, which is exactly how I think a D/s dynamic should be.

3. Giggles: Somehow all Littles have this universal giggle they make, particularly when they’re being naughty. It’s diabolical and cute at the same time, which shouldn’t be possible! But no matter how adorable it is, you are still in trouble, little one.

4. Random messages: Whether it is random I love yous or late night texts for me to wake up to, my Little is always reminding me that they are thinking of me. I try to return the favor as much as possible, but I don’t think I could ever put into words just how much they mean to me.

5. A True Best Friend: I’ve had people that I’ve considered best friends before, but nothing compares to what I share with my Little. We share everything, don’t have to hide our true selves from each other, and we trust each other completely. While I may be the Caregiver, I know that I always have my rock to fall back on whenever I need it.

This is an awesome list!  With a big, big caveat: as we always try to say in kink, a D/Lg relationship is still a relationship!  Regardless of how we relate to each other… what terms we use… it’s a relationship between peers!  

A Daddy is not a saint or god.  A Little is not a pet or possession.  Daddy and Little are choices, undertaken because those roles for each other.  Ones that make us happy.  Not something we’re obliged to be because our partner or (kink) community or society demands it.

So yes.  D/Lg cuddling is the best; being needed is incredibly fulfilling; giggles are awesome because if you can’t giggle in a relationship why be in a relationship at all; random (and even silly) messages are so nice.  That’s the nature of how we choose to be towards each other.  That it happens to be easy in D/Lg is icing on the real relationship cake – but not the cake itself.