Why the fuck do you think you deserve two women? More, maybe? One man, one woman, that’s the way it goes. Stop overstepping.


This might be one of the most unusual, and dumbest asks I’ve ever received.

First off, you’re trying to dictate how a relationship HAS to be? Quite possibly even insinuating “traditional” monogamous hetero is required? Fuck dude, you’re a century behind.

Secondly, never once have I said that I deserved two women. I am honored to have these amazing, smart, funny, submissive beauties choose me. I’m a very lucky man. (The “more” you mentioned is also true, and just icing on an already delicious cake.)

Finally, if anything, it could be said, I suppose, that I earned this. If you haven’t figured out why, read the blog a lot farther down, maybe you’ll learn something. When you’re more than a cowardly, closed-minded anon, we can have a further discussion. Until then, sorry that you’re not on my level.

  Ok. So here’s an interesting assumption that needs a little questioning.

@lovemysub is a Dom. @belovedsangi and @danipup are Subs.  The three are in a polyamorous relationship.  The two Subs submit to LMS.  But they’re also really into each other.  Each is into the other and LMS.  And to round it all out, LMS is into the two of them.

As I said, the to Subs submit to the Dom.  Because that’s what works for each of their preferences.

But why assume it’s LMS who “has” the two women.  And not, say, BelovedSangi who has a man and a woman?  Or Danipup?

Is it automatically the case that in a relationship the Dominant is the one who does all the recruiting?

I’ve been following the three of them for months and months and never gotten the impression that LMS said “damn, I need me another woman to complete my harem!  Sangi, go fetch me one!”

Or did, you know, had Danipup been dear friends with the other two for years, and visited them often, and was attracted to both.  And asked if she could join them?  Or did Belovedsangi make the suggestion?  Or (as it seemed from what I read) that the three of them sort of found themselves in the situation and sort of mutually decided to make it official?

Just curious.  Outside their bedroom dynamic is LMS really the instigator and “perpetrator” of the relationship such that he “has” the other two in any other way?

Because I’d feel really dumb making that assumption in an Ask.  I’d probably, well, you know, first ask “who’s idea was it” or maybe “who wears the pants in the family.”  Before, you know, calling names or casting aspersions.

Because maybe the “better” dumbass question would be to ask Danipup or Belovedsangi why the fuck she deserves a man and a woman!