Wolf – you need to control your sub from putting pictures of other dudes on her blog. A dom like you should never allow that.


I usually ignore this subject, but just need to say this.

First, why try to control your partner’s sexuality?  It is what it is.  That’s like a prison to only allow her to express things that satisfy your ego or lack of confidence.  That’s weakness from a Dom to tell a sub to suppress her sexuality with “you can only like what I am comfortable with.”  It’s also weak to assume that you embody everything that encompasses her sexuality.  It’s 2018 and the days of suppressing women’s sexuality and shaming them for exploring it is over.  Way over.  As a Dom, whatever is inside her you should know and learn and draw it out.

Next, speaking of what is inside a woman.  It’s multiple layers of emotional, mental, physical and visual things.  And it changes and evolves and regresses at times as well.  Women like all sorts of things that may bother you.  Like “big dick”, “gang bang” or “gay porn”. As well as many other taboo kinks.  Go do a google search on what women are looking at online sexually, you might be surprised some of it has nothing to do with you.  And that is OK.  Don’t have such a fragile ego.

Allow her to be her and support that 100%.  Encourage it.  Even tease her about it some.  You can still be her Dominant.  Would you want her to secretly be looking at things and into things that she hides from you?  If she cannot express herself to you then I would bet she will to someone else eventually.

Back off and let her like what she likes.

Sit back and enjoy women expressing their sexuality on Tumblr dude. It’s one of the most fucking amazing things ever. I love it. And you should too.

WTFingH?  She gonna police what you put on your blog too?  Because regardless of your relationship dynamics it’s still a goddam partnership.  And inside a relationship it’s sauce for the goose it’s sauce for the gander too.

Being in control of your sub ≠ being in control of her life!