Would you ever consider making a post about connecting submissives to each other? It seems like alot of us feel anxious and lonely and maybe could use a non judgemental ear when lifestyle issues arise? I’m sorry if this ask is bold I don’t mean to be at all I just see that you are greatly respected and feel like you could use your influence to help a ton of anxious littles.


As it happens, there is a subs-only group chat on Kik, lots of supportive sub sisters there, from new to experienced. I know several of the people, they are excellent people who always extend a warm welcome to new people Drop a Tumblr message to @erosechoed or @moonchild8914, they are the admins of the Kik group chat and can get you set up.

Amplifying supportive groups.  As a pretty good Daddy and a not-so-great dom all I have are opinions, observation, and second-hand anecdotes.  Other Subs have opinions, observations, anecdotes, and… experience!