Would you fantasize about having sex with children? Is this your biggest taboo. As a 19 y/o I regress or whatever to a 7y/o little girl. I haven’t found a boyfriend that I can express this to sexily. I think role play is a healthy way to express our sexual taboos. The thought of incest even rape excites me. I’m scared to share this with any boyfriend is there hope for me?

Three loosely organized thoughts on this:

1) For something to be taboo it has to be something you’d want but shouldn’t do. It wouldn’t be “taboo” to want a child architect, child bodyguard, child cruise planner, or child municipal court judge.  It would just be random and weird.

2) “Regressing” isn’t the same thing as being. Roleplaying isn’t the same thing as being either.  (For instance I enjoy roleplaying being a headmaster, but wouldn’t enjoy endless committee and trustee meetings at all.)  Instead they’re mostly ways of letting go of “everyday ideologies” like “we should have eggs in the morning, I should go get eggs” so we can sink into “erotic reality.”

3) I can’t speak for everybody but the biggest taboo among English languish speakers seems to be… freaking out about our fantasies.  The problem with that is “what we resist persists.”  It feels like you’re scared to share your fantasies with your lovers?  Welcome to the club!  Chances are they’re scared to share theirs too.  But know what?  Chances are their fantasies wouldn’t bother you as much as they feared… just like chances are they wouldn’t be bothered as much by yours as you fear either.