Would you rather have a dick on your forehead (Any size) or two small dicks for nipples? ???? Love you!!! ????????????????


what the fuck femderp? asking the important questions now are we? well cuz i have a rather small forehead a dick can be easily covered up by my bangs :p but two small dicks as nipples would be very very interesting 

eh rather a dick on the forehead lmao

With all due respect to any remaining Freudians young enough to still be interested, why would a woman (cis or trans) want a penis if they didn’t have one? (For those of you young enough not to have read his theories about gender, all of which were… mistaken, Freud imagined women “suffered” from “penis envy.”)

I admit this is a completely subjective and likely short-sighted question from a cis man. But I have no idea what I’d do if I had a vagina. Nothing against vaginas — my whole problem being that if I was a cis woman I’d feel the same about mine.

Still, an awesome reply from @femdomunicorn! In the interest of fairness if asked the corresponding question I suppose I’d rather have a vagina on my forehead, or another dick, on my forehead. It would be really nice to be able to cuddle full-length while receiving oral.


Note: it occurs to me how hetero/cis I am that it only now occurred to me that a vagina on my forehead could be penetrated. Fortunately I seem to have a small brain so I suppose there would be room.

(Shrug: Pose a surreal quest, get a surreal answer.)