you are still a valid little if you:


• have tattoos or body piercings
• smoke / drink / use
• embrace your sexuality

• didn’t have a troubled childhood
• still live with your parents
• are overweight / underweight
• drink from a regular glass
• don’t wear diapers / pull-ups
• don’t wear onesies or footie pajamas

• dislike using pacifiers
• prefer showers over baths

would rather collect books instead of stuffed animals
• think glitter is too messy to keep around
• pink or blue ( or rainbow ) isn’t your color
• find coloring / crafts boring 
• find cartoons or disney movies non-entertaining
• don’t eat sweets
• dislike chicken nuggets / fruit snacks / macaroni & cheese
• dislike juices or milk
• prefer actual children over animals
• have kids / are pregnant
• need space / alone time
• have a mental disorder ( not only anxiety & depression )

have a physical disability
• are a member of the lgbtq+ community
• don’t have a caregiver

• & more…

you are too unique to fall under a stereotype perfectly so don’t worry about your body type, regressors, or whether you’re a “real little” or not, you are valid no matter the situation. there are no rules to “little” – all you need is yourself to get lost in the feeling.

Worth noting that Whispymilk is a cg/l Mommie.  Don’t know much else about her.  Really, really love her list though.  Age play just isn’t the same thing as age, and you sure as hell don’t need to be little to be Little.  (And, obviously, can still be a valid Mommy/Daddy/caregiver if they’re not bigger or older than their Little/Middle/younger.)