You don’t have to prove to me
You’re beautiful to strangers
I’ve got loving eyes
Of my own
– Carly Simon

Want to know a secret I know too though?  Exhibitionism, like any other goddamn kink, doesn’t have to prove anything, does it?  No, it does not.  Sometimes it’s just knowing someone’s seen you naked.  Sometimes it’s just hot thinking someone might see you and be turned on.  Sometimes it’s just hot doing really fucking naughty things like taking photos of your cute little bootie whether anyone else sees them or not.  Sometimes you want to show your sweetie how turned on you are.  Sometimes you just want to see for yourself.

There are hundreds of reasons to take naked selfies.  Hundreds more reasons for sharing them with your sweetie.  Hundreds more for sharing them with complete strangers.  Nothing wrong with “proving you’re “beautiful to strangers,” but it’s miles from being the only possibility, isn’t it, shutterbug?