Your blog is the perfect warm up before jumping on my daddy ????

Thank you!  That’s wonderful to hear. I mean, if I didn’t want others to appreciate my posts I’d just stay on anon and look at everyone else’s pretty pictures! 

Also, if I can be boring and philosophical for a moment, back in college in a social theory course I wrote a paper saying the old argument that “pornography and erotica are just two ends of the same continuum” was mistaken.  Instead, I said “pornography” makes you dissatisfied with your sex life while “erotica” makes you want to cheerfully jump your sweetie’s bones.  In other words erotica is it’s on thing while porn is on a continuum with… advertising. ????

Anyway, my college self is very, very happy that reading my blog makes you want to go jump your Daddy!  So I honestly couldn’t hope for a nicer compliment!  Thank you!