Your favorite tumblrs?


I am mostly a lurker – I don’t interact very much but I look and read and absorb a lot. So … I definitely have some favourites but they are mostly not folks I “know” very well. 

Ok … a list … yikes, I know I will miss someone on this so I may have to come back and add but off the top of my head, the people/blogs that are immediately coming to mind… 







All of the above for the writing, intelligence, thoughtfulness and some really hot and enticing images along the way lol … oh I know I’m missing some here that I will wish I had included. 

And for one from a guy’s perspective, my fave is @oldenoughtobeyourfather because he always has a calm, rational, progressive, inclusive take on things. 

And @toodomforyou for good laughs :) 

Goodness, @slowsubmission, thanks for your kind words! What a great list to be included in. Thank you!