Kink doesn’t treat a mental health issues.
But, Kink Aware Professionals do!

Need help with those ropeburns?
Or maybe some nasty issues with subdrop,
Maybe even the occasional mishap like a knife in your own foot ( @instructor144 )?
Or the big three, depression, self harm, or bipolar?

These are the professionals for you….
Kink Aware

Extra bonus point: your kink can’t treat someone else’s mental health issue!!!

  • You can’t Dom someone out of their eating or other compulsive disorder
  • You can’t Daddy someone out of their anxiety or abandonment issues
  • You can’t Submit someone out of their control or (dear God) anger issues
  • Hell, you can’t even plain old vanilla fuck someone out of their hypo- or hyper sexuality!

At best you’re just helping them mask it or, worse, “sublimate” it. At worst you’re caring codependent and making their problem much, much worse!

Love conquers all much! But just like you can’t “pray away the gay” or love away diabetes you can’t kink away depression.

Doesn’t mean don’t get involved with people with mental health issues. It does mean you need to support their care, not provide it.

And needless to say you can’t expect or demand a partner to treat your mental-healthissue.

Have sex, don’t use it.