Dear Macdaddy toppington esq: I applaud your decision not to crack on the swedish fish limit. You can’t bend at the sight of unicorn butts shooting rainbow shit and glitter bombs never hurt a dude. right? ’cause then you’d really be in for it! You know what happens when a macdaddy toppington caves on a rule, right? It’s not pretty. well done. you stay strong!


Rules are rules. Let them slip and next thing you know I’m having to vacuum the dogs to get all the glitter out of their fur.

It’s all tongue and cheek on the D/S side, but on the D/Lg side this is why we have rules, isn’t it, pumpkin?  Because who usually has to vacuum the pets to get all the glitter out of their fur when the person who got the glitter out is standing in the corner with a pink little bottom?