A big myth about D/Lg is that “all Littles regress.”  And sure, some do and there’s nothing wrong with that.  But what a lot of people don’t get is that not all Littles think of themselves as… well… little!  Or “middle.”  There’s a whole range of “Little” ages beyond that.

You can be a grown woman – a lawyer, a designer, a teacher, a PhD candidate – and still love the idea of having a Daddy, can’t you?  And you can always come home to Daddy, twinkletoes.  I’ll always welcome you with open arms.

Thank you for articulating this @oldenoughtobeyourfather I think of myself on the outskirts of the little spectrum. I don’t age regress, I’m not the type of little I often see on Tumblr. I can get playful at times and I have some strong little qualities…. but it’s much less about that and much more about the dynamic itself. A caregiver. Someone who nurtures and looks out for me. Someone to be vulnerable with.

sThe college I went to had a reputation for being a “hippie school.”  Everybody “knew” it.  Any time reporters showed up they’d track down “hippie” looking students to interview.

75% of the students were state, municipal, and regulated-industry employees doing continuing education.  But calling it a “hippie” school was more flashy, so they’d walk through (literal!) crowds of adults to get to the one corner of campus to setup their cameras where the handful of stoners with bandana-collared golden retrievers played hackysack.

Funny thing was, because of the intense stereotypes about the school, an overwhelming majority of students felt they were “on the outskirts of the spectrum!”  They were typical, but not stereotypical, so they didn’t think they “counted.”

Same’s true for almost all kinks, all orientations, etc.  The ones you notice are almost by-definition the outliers, not the average.

@delightfulsubgirl seems like a pretty typical Little.  Just not stereotypical.  If there’s a D/Lg spectrum then chances are she’s closer to the middle than the edge.  Just like most Littles.