Do any other subs have spanking has a hard limit for punishment/correction? Maybe I’m just an odd duck. I can handle them just fine for play/”funishments” (actually enjoy them) but if they were to be used as an actual punishment it causes me (just talking about it) to get sick to my stomach, elevated heart rate/breathing etc. I’m guessing it’s from my upbringing that causes me to have this reaction to it.


Sure, many subs have it as a hard limit. Not all subs, and not all D/s relationships, have pain as an element.

Definitely!  I sometimes talk about mostly-hypothetical “pure” kinks that don’t overlap with any others in the broad alphabet of BDSM.  And in that hypothetical case you might expect to see “pure” D/S involving serene, mutually-agreed-upon structure, order, tasks, and supervision – with correction neither wanted nor needed.

You could also see less “pure” combinations where, for instance, a sadistic but otherwise soft Daddy and their masochistic Little took zero interest in rules and punishment but gleefully included “funishment” in roleplaying games or even for no good reason at all other than both enjoy it.

Anyway, yeah.  Not all Doms are sadists.  Not all Subs can stand punishment.  Or at least corporal punishment.  Kinks are… well… kinks in our individual self-expression.  No two are going to be exactly the same.