Me and my Daddy switch between Daddy and Brat and Master and Slave. This causes us alot of problems in our local BDSM community because people think we don’t have a solid power exchange role. I’m not a little but I am a brat, a service submissive, and in general I am the sub in our relationship ALWAYS. Daddy is always my Dom and I guess my question is, what do you think about this comment? I don’t see how were any lesser because we switch up our dynamic. I am a sub 24/7 in one way or another!



Seems pretty closed minded to me. There are lot of people who vary their role within D/s. Not everyone does it the same way and that’s okay. :)


Wait. What? Maybe they’re all the kind of people who only play one kind of cards, like bridge snobs or 5-card-draw poker players who think people who play anything else is doon-it rong?

I dunno. Maybe they’re the kind of folks who get anxious around real bisexuals because they feel everyone should be gay or straight?

More likely there’s some sort of behind the scenes clique snit going on in the community and you’re not fitting into one “team” or another.

Regardless, their discomfort isn’t your responsibility.

More sadly, that kind of “welcome” has a lot to do with why most people in kink don’t join “communities.” There’s so much to be said about good communities but they’re not all good.