I don’t understand part of your ask response yesterday, you said a guy who enjoys anal play isnt gay?


That is correct. Because there’s this lovely thing called the prostate, or as I like to call it, Nature’s Little Pleasure Walnut. Think of it as the male “G Spot.” Smart girls know that if their guy’s ardor is flagging, all they have to do is hit that sucker and he’ll be popping a boner a 19 year old would envy. 


True facts from the 20th Century (and beyond!)

  • Wanting a blowjob means you’re gay
  • Wanting to fuck your girlfriend’s ass means you’re gay
  • Fucking a woman from behind means you’re gay
  • Eating pussy means you’re gay
  • Being submissive means you’re gay
  • Washing your own butt means you’re gay!
  • Touching your wife’s purse makes you gay!
  • Mormon church documents allege that masturbation makes you gay
  • Floride in water makes you gay
  • Smoking weed makes you gay
  • Having a tattoo makes you gay
  • Joining the navy makes you gay
  • Rainbow Doritos makes children gay
  • TSA patdowns at airports make you gay
  • Going to public school makes you gay
  • Watching Teletubbies or Spongebob makes you gay
  • Reading Harry Potter makes you gay
  • The president of Bolivia says eating chicken makes you gay
  • Ramen noodles and infant formula make you gay
  • Taking MDMA/Esctacy makes you gay
  • Juice boxes make you gay
  • Doing housework means you’re gay (if you’re a man)
  • Being skinny means you’re gay
  • Not working out means you’re gay, and also…
  • Joining the YMCA means you’re gay
  • Liking taller, bigger, older, or smarter women means you’re gay
  • Shaving your face means you’re gay
  • Not knowing how to drive means you’re gay
  • And last but not least, according to an Islamic televangelist from India, socializing with women makes you gay, and SO DOES HAVING SEX WITH TOO MANY WOMEN!

So sure!  Why the hell not?  If liking sex with women means you’re gay then, sure, liking it when a woman plays with your ass is gay!  Gay as hell!

What! Ever!