For the anon with her dom being raped.. yes, anyone can be raped. I feel as though your first thought shouldn’t be whether or not he got off to it. It should be trying to figure out if he is okay. Support him and help him through this. He was crying, which you said never happens. Clearly he needs someone there for him at this time, care for your daddy. Be with him every step of the way. Talk to him, hug him.




I think that most of the confusion that the anon had was as to if it was or wasn’t rape. Even the victim was confused and thought it was cheating that he had done. The main point of contention for both of them seems to be that he “got off” during the assault. It’s a common myth in our society that men “can’t be raped” or “if his dick is hard it isn’t rape.”

The measure of if something is rape or sexual assault is quite easy. Was conscious consent given? If the answer is no, if it was given under duress, or if it was given but then revoked, then it is rape or sexual assault. Period. Full stop.

I definitely encourage the original anon’s Daddy to talk to a rape counsellor or therapist.

Oh my fucking god!!! It’s the goddamn 21st Century! Nobody should be acting like a goddamn Edwardian constable about this!

Look. The #1 gaslighting technique for serial predators against men is “you’re hard so you want this.” It’s devastating and effective. #2 is “you came so you must have enjoyed it.”

Just. Get. Over. That!

It tears women up that they get mechanically aroused when they’re assaulted, and that they sometimes have reflex “orgasms” too. That’s better known but also better understand by untrained support people.

Real, properly trained sexual assault counselor do understand the same phenomenon in men who are recovering from rape. And they’re trained to render proper support, guidance, and care as well.

And oh hell yes, ANYONE can be raped. Even big, strong men. And the perpetrators don’t even have to be bigger and stronger.

Gee, it’s the same way as for women and children like that too, isn’t it? Because it’s not always like they show it on TeeVee or (dear god) in porn. In fact, it’s rarely like that. And hint, that doesn’t make it better, that makes it worse for the targets.

Rape, real, non-consensual, criminal sexual assault, whether physically or “merely” emotionally violent, is serious as arterial bleeding and as damaging as sepsis.

The anon’s lover, companion, and friend needs support, not second-guessing.  He’ll be doing plenty of that, possibility for the rest of his life. Please help him walk or run for real care. Same as you’d offer anyone else.

Please do that.