Help!! My sweet boy has recently found himself in a wheelchair due to an eletrical accident and has trouble getting alot sensation below the waist now, I need help. with finding high sensation ways to play.Please reblog to any dommes that may be able to help


Holy shit, I hope they’re okay and feeling well. I’m not well informed about this kind of thing so if there are any kinksters out there who can help, this domme and I would appreciate it a lot ????

Um… if someone’s “recently found themselves in a wheelchair” then they and/or you should talk to their caregivers.  If the ask is for real I’m surprised they didn’t bring it up with him!  

One possibility is that his injury was really recent, in which case he may still be undergoing rehabilitative care.  In that case it’s likely he’s still in the rehab protocol and they just haven’t brought it up yet.

All nerve damage takes time to work itself out – there’s an extraordinary amount of “rerouting” that goes on, not to mention the actual process of healing tissue.  If he was really injured recently then it’s even more important to check with his caregivers!

Meanwhile, though, you think he’s the first man in this situation?  Think he’s the first one who’s partner’s freaked out about their future sex life together?  Think doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, not to mention other paraplegics and their partners haven’t put a lot of thought into this?

Google “sex for paraplegics” and you’ll find tons of good stuff from all kinds of sources.  

If the patient is a Sub or Masochist that’s great, but Dom or no Dom, Sadist or no Sadist, the first step is to get their plumbing working at all again.  Then start working kink back into things.  And obviously check closely and repeatedly with their caregivers before getting up to anything involving impact play, wax, and (yeah, just don’t) Violet Wands, etc.

Oh, and finally, since he’s almost certainly going to need continuing care from physical therapists and the like, he’s going to need to be extremely and repeatedly clear to his caregivers that he’s a consensual sexual masochist.  Otherwise any bruising or damage caregivers see is going to get mandatory-reporting protocoled allll over the place.