Exposed, vulnerable and embarrassed. Naked as he’s fully clothed, liberties taken with her body. All these ingredients added together make for the ultimate spanking experience.

If I spanked for punishment (eww) it would be stern, cold, silent, no nonsense, not even a little bit sexual, and over very, very quickly.

Again, eww!

But I spank for enjoyment, don’t I, raspberry? Yours and mine. So I’ll want take my time. Want give you time. Time to consider your position. To consider each point of contact. My hand on your butt, of course. But your naked belly against the soft wool of my suit pants. My warm, strong hand pressing between your shoulders or in your hair.

I’ll touch and tease you in between too, won’t I? I’ll mention how your butt has started to glow. Mention that you seem to be wet between your legs. Tell you I’ll inspect you to make sure. Soon. Then say “but first…”

I’ll touch you, push your thighs apart with a hand grown hot from spanking you. I’ll part your lips, and describe how my fingers glide and disappear. Inside you.

I’ll spank you and ask if you think your clit has grown, like a little twig under its plump hood. I’ll spank you and touch you and tell you yes, yes it is.

And I’ll spank you and ask if you want to me to keep spanking you. Or make you come. Or take you in my arms and cuddlefuck you. And no matter what you say I’ll answer “good girl.”

Because I’d never spank you for punishment, would I?

No. Only for this.