Simulating sexual assault isn’t a kink, y’all are just (((would be rapists)))


Read the article and educate yourself, pumpkin.

Just going to turn this around a bit.

What do aggressively physical sex, spanking, and the insult “suck my dick,” and, arguably, ass fucking all have in common? They’re all effective avenues of criminal assault, abuse of power, and punishment because they’re all enjoyable and frequently desired receptive sex acts when done with consent.

In other words, in the anon’s case, abusers engage in sexual assault because it causes the most humiliation and confusion for the victim, and therefore the most loss of power. Which, as activists going back at least as far as Susan Brownmiller, is always the perpetrator’s primary objective: not their own sexual gratification but the mortification of their victim.

Spanking is maybe the best example. Percussive blows to the buttocks or tail region is sexually arousing or gratifying for a surprising variety of mammals, including humans. Therefore the real perversion is using spanking as a form of punishment. Particularly for small children and minors.

Update: I’m dead serious about this. Spanking children is gross. Spanking anybody without their impassioned consent is gross. It’s real assault and needs to be shamed, denounced, and made a criminal offense.