Do you know of any DD/LG support groups that aren’t trying to dictate how to properly be a little? I’ve tried to join several but I don’t fit their “little agenda” :( It’s very frustrating.





Holy shit this made me so sad to hear. I feel like fighting back against people who want to define everything we play with with exacting criteria so they can form little “I belong” clubs and feelings is becoming a full time job. 

Are there any DD/lg support groups out there who celebrate that people do little and Caregiver in many unique and subjective ways that neither need to be quantified, nor judged?


Hmmm. Well. I’m not a group *technically* but I am a motherfucking menace and when I’m Big I’m Very Big, so idk maybe I’m big enough to be called a group – I’m totally loud enough to be mistaken for more than just one Little anyway…

I support DD/L and CG/L (and everybody else, in general) and I absofuckinglutely 100% support personal expression of fucking everything. No rules except one:


So maybe? YMMV.

Also, what the fuck is a “Little Agenda”? And can you eat it – fuck it – use it to pay bills/buy shiny things? If not – then what’s it’s purpose, please and very thank you….?

^My Big Sis, everyone. Mine! :-D *Is proud.*

My personal Little agenda mainly involves glow-in-the-dark, practical jokes, and scoring more time with Super Daddy. I’m a real menace.

I’m an admin for a sfw safe space for all littles on kik…

Because if you’re going to play “my way or the highway” about how other people do kink then you’re not kinky you’re compulsive.

Big caveat: we’re not talking about “acceptance” or “inclusion” of underage Cg/L, let alone underage/adult-partner Cg/L, a manipulation many pedophiles and ephebophiles try to pull. They’re flat wrong, anyone who falls for it. If it’s not legal, competent, informed consent it’s not a kink it’s a crime.

But as with any kink, there are people who’s compulsions and (psychological, non-kink) fetishes demand that things be Done A Certain Way and anyone who doesn’t do it their way doesn’t belong.

For instance there are people who insist D/Lg is a subset of D/S and must include rules and punishment. Conversely others insist it must be entirely non-sexual. Still others say the Little has to “regress” to certain ages.

That’s fine if the group is very specific and clear about their narrow restrictions. But they shouldn’t characterize themselves as the One True Authority for the entire category of kink.