hi i just read ur post abt non-monogamous/OPP! I recently met a play partner who asked me to be apart of his poly household which was OPP. I currently have a bf and when he told me the details it entailed breaking up with my bf and never seeing my other partner as well. I totally felt devastated at the thought of that and told him thats a bit selfish for him as he can play w other women but the women in household cannot play w other men. im glad i came across the post it has eased my mind!


I hope you realize what a bullshit situation that is. Huge red flag to cut off your contact to other partners. This person just sounds straight up abusive tbh. I’m really thankful you know better than to commit to something unfair like that.

I’m just thinking that play partner must have either a hell of a one-penis or a hell of a house or else the other roomates have to be hella awesome to be troubled about rejecting that condition.  I’m sure I’m getting caught up with the word “play partner” but that seems like a pretty lightweight relationship category to give up all one’s other pre-existing poly relationships for.

Going to be a little opinionated and judgmental here but One Penis Policies are a show of weakness for the penis owner in question.

I know I’m not a Dom, and certainly not a Master, so I can’t really speak to the possibly-legitimate justifications of the kink.  I also clearly don’t have the kind of Submissive insights that would help me understand why such a one-way relationship might be appealing.

I’ll just say that one of the nice things about being a Daddy is that the possibility of Littles who have their own partners is kind of baked into the schemas that D/Lg borrows from real life.  

  • If everyone invoived is poly, well, then a Daddy can have more than one Little
  • If everyone involved is poly then a Daddy can be wistful about their Littles’ partners, and appropriately protective, but everybody gets to grow up.

I’m not saying it’s got to be that way – D/Lg is only an analogy to parent/offspring dynamics and, like virtually all other kinks most D/Lg relationships are contentedly monogamous.  

Just saying that being a Daddy, as well as a fair, just, and… observant human being, doesn’t endear me to OPP (cough*conventional-polygamous*cough) relationships.