Just because I like challenging perceptions, try on that a lot of men get off seeing women bound, put in stress positions, gagged and choked, ganged up on, degraded, and/or humiliated, and otherwise inconvenienced because women are so fucking badassed.

Male black widows spiders who don’t immobilize their partners before mating get eaten.

Anyway, continuing a theme, I think this helps explain why kink.com and it’s imitators are so popular with straight guys: they love the idea of hiring janitors and other workmen to immobilize women with Popular Mechanics style hardware. You know, like their dads would fix things for them in the basement when they were small.

Then consider the fact that after objective torture including ice baths, electric shocks, waterboarding (fucking waterboarding!!!) and getting fucked in the face with dildos on electric motors the women invariably smile gamely afterward to show they were fine with… ordeals that the average kink.com subscriber knows would leave him a quivering wreck.

And then look at all the memes with “He knows you need…” followed by absurd wish-fulfillment nonsense that, in fact, don’t interest even most Sub and Masochistic women and… yeah.

They’re terrified of women!

Meanwhile actual, real Doms, Daddies, Sadists, and other tops look at what they’re doing with their partner’s very differently. (Among other things we get that not all tops are men and not all bottoms are women, but I digress…)

Actual kinky people do things for and with our admittedly badass Subs, Littles, slaves, and Masochists. With them, not to them.

Because we get that a kink relationship is still a relationship. With someone we like. With someone who likes us too!

Cranky Daddy is cranky about knee-squeezing dweebs and douches who appropriate kink to both soothe and stoke their anxieties about women.